Rewind & Replay: 8 Times Logic Got Knocked Out By Stupid in 2017
Posted On 28th December, 2017 @ 15:30 pm by MTV Editor



Usually, conflict has right and wrong. What we have here, is dumb and dumber. Proceed with caution though, some of these will make your head hurt.


1. When a whole group of people lost their minds over a fictional lady in a fictional world. 

What if Minnie Mouse suddenly had bright pink ears and fell in love with Donald Duck? Would you vandalise Disneyworld or would you buy yourself a milkshake and get on with life? If the latter were obvious, a movie would not have been this year’s biggest controversy and the world would’ve been a saner place. Like the kind where people think about their actions and maybe go to jail for assault? In an alternate universe perhaps, *sigh*. 




2. When the Ministry responsible for monitoring information ironically decided to black out safe sex, because sanskaar can fight herpes.

Who needs awareness really when you can have a cabinet of ministers blush at the mention of condoms; God forbid children know about sex because obviously they just fell out of trees. In case anyone is short of reminders, not only are we the country to have written the Kamasutra, we’re also the cooker of popping corn in the population department. Nothing rakes higher on the hypocrisy scale guys, NOTHING. 




3. When secularism was a bigger crime than Vijay Mallya’s entire career.

Let’s get this straight. You can’t love Christmas if your name is Mohammad. There is no way around it; you just can’t. Gravity, humanity, acidity… they are all hanging onto your Twitter handle, waiting for you to make one blasphemous mistake; secularity. If the Earth explodes today, it is because of you and your merrymaking. Get that straight?





4. When Sunny Leone’s NYE performance was cancelled because we have a major problem with vulgarity, but none with marital rape.

Karnataka government banned Sunny Leone from performing on New Year’s Eve after protestors threatened mass suicide. We are not entirely sure if stopping them was a better course of action but if this was a poll, we think the choice would be pretty obvious. 





5. When The PM had his own interpretation of climate change.

At this point, it is probably pretty clear that climate change is not a WhatsApp forward that recycles itself before Diwali every year. Countries across the globe are making progress with their efforts to not drown like the Titanic in the near future, while our PM tells school kids about the myth that climate change is. Life jackets, anyone? 




6. When the entire country collectively protested ‘alleged’ racism by uninstalling the wrong app.

Snapchat’s CEO came under fire for a certain alleged comment he may or may not have made about India. We’re not saying that nationalism isn’t a great feeling; we’re just saying sometimes stupid runs very close to the line. Sadly, Snapdeal got the raw end of the deal, courtesy eager offence takers that can’t spell. Or think. 




7. When the CBFC wanted cuts in a film yet again because ghosts don’t stand a chance when it comes to Hanuman Chalisa. 

The censor board demanded cuts in the movie Phillauri because the scene included a ghost that wouldn’t exorcise itself at the mention of the Human Chalisa. Who cares if ghosts are tangible or exist at all? Unrealistic cinema has no place in this country, and displeasure should never stop at logic. Who would tell you that better than our wise, learned men of the film certification board? 




8. When the BMC had better eyesight for imaginary mosquitoes than lunar crater-sized potholes.

The BMC responded to a parody song with some very real questions with another parody song and a generous dose of harassment. Remember when you could ask the government about what they we were up to? Yeah, we don't either. To be eligible for returns on your taxes you need to be four-legged fodder chewers. With an Aadhar card. 



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