Rewind & Replay: 8 Totally Random Things That Perfectly Sum Up 2017
Posted On 28th December, 2017 @ 17:28 pm by MTV Editor



From fidget spinners to Rakhi Sawant’s paan-flavoured condoms, 2017 has been one colourful year. But don’t let it distract you from the fact that you still have no plans for the 31st. Oops. 


1. Bollywood returned feelings of colonial captivity to British singer Ed Sheeran.

Bollywood basically ganged up on the poor bloke, got him to hit some of those pelvic moves and probably talked awkwardly about the Kohinoor. Did Ed enjoy the party? Maybe. Did he look like an inflated balloon at a recue drill? Absolutely.




2. Nobody knows anyone’s “baap” in delhi anymore...

Because you can’t know what you can’t see. This is the year when Delhi went from being a city to becoming John Cena’s hideout. This is also the same place where the cracker ban made people question anti-Hindu propaganda tactics. It’s a simple decision, really: do you want to live, or do you want to asthma? 




3. Groups sprang up across the country to ring some auntie’s ghanti...

Because #YOLO: Cringe pop made it pretty big this year. We are literally a part of the generation that will show up for something that is absolutely dreadful, maybe even blow up some money on it, and dedicate time out of our lives to watch the trainwreck unfold; of our own free will. Do you see the existential dilemma all of our lives are? Do you?




4. This was the year when people across the globe went bonkers over plastic spinning wheels.

2017 will be remembered as the year when mankind took a major step towards progress, with the advent of the fidget spinners. We made a toy that could spin. And that was about it. We also hosted panel discussions to debate if this spinning miracle would benefit our lives in any way. However, one day, everyone stopped caring and logic was restored again. 




5. People paid a bunch of money to watch a humidity-stricken guitar and a lip-syncing pop star in basketball shorts.

Justin Bieber came to India, lip-synced a handful of songs, and apologised for his guitar being out of tune because of Mumbai’s humidity. This is not the first time someone has come up on stage, said a bunch of things about random problems, and taken all our money in the process #demonetisation. We just keep going around in circles don’t we?




6. The Shiv Sena developed a newfound love for rap, none for fixing potholes.

The Shiv Sena does not believe in correcting problems, unless the problem is a guy from Bihar who says Bombay instead of Mumbai. It’s not like our government doesn’t focus on real issues; the only people that are taking the whole ‘renaming railway stations with taxpayers’ money’ seriously is them, of course.  




7. Memes changed lives; literally.

Dank or not, they made Soluchan Boy Kamlesh join school. Thanks to the universal love that lies in a secret stash folder on our gallery, we one-upped social inequality. 

Meme: 1, Third World Problems: 0




8. Self-proclaimed godman went to jail, had to be cured of sex addiction.

The irony on this one has surpassed the length of his name, let alone his legacy. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, un-social reformer and an unreasonably celebrated body hair mannequin got arrested for 1. Castration of disciples, 2. Child labour, 3. Sexual assault, 4. Almost death-inducing attempts at acting.







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