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Take a look at some of the pictures of Steve Jobs in the late 60's or early 70's; the first impression one would have of him, would be of a man on a mission.




While there are some flower child attributes too, on the whole it seems as if he had already laid down the path of creative computing in his mind.


More than anecdotes, everyone wants infused with the usual tidbits, a rich narrative that unravels the human being behind all the accolades and media inflicted imagery. How can one get to experience, along with Jobs, the birth of a world changing idea? We already have a biographical attempt by Walter Isaacson but that did not enamour the critics. However, there is another one on its way that may just be worth your while.


Chaisann Brennan, Steve’s girlfriend from the early days, feels the need to re-introduce to us all the personality that took the world by surprise and has still left it in amazement. The St. Martin’s Press, part of Macmillan, has been outspoken about their dealings with Brennan and have confirmed that there is a book on its way.


Be rest assured, that this biography is more than just forced expressions; besides, Brennan is no stray character in the life of Jobs, who has suddenly come to the forefront to make a name for herself after his death. Instead, the two were in a serious relationship and had a baby girl together; she lived with Jobs for awhile and was a witness to the ideas that were slowly materializing. Today, Brennan resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and works as a painter.


Usually, a relatives’ or a close associate’s account of a personality’s life has been dismissed as being skewed or one-sided, but that shouldn’t be the case with Brennan. Nevertheless, if you are still apprehensive, as a warm up to the real thing, you can get hold of an article she wrote about Jobs on an earlier occasion for the Rolling Stone Magazine; trust us, it’s happening.





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