Utter A Single Sound & Get Ready To Be Devoured By A Blood-thirsty Monster
Posted On 28th March, 2018 @ 18:10 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Imagine living a life of total silence. Your sibling stumbles and falls and you’re not even allowed to laugh out loud. Sounds like just another quiet game your parents would fool you into playing so that they can live in peace. Fun and games aside, what happens when it becomes a necessity for survival? So you can say goodbye—in sign language preferably—to talking altogether because even if a slight gasp escapes from your mouth, you’re dead.


Directed by John Krasinski, starring Emily Blunt and the director himself, The Quiet Place is a modern horror-thriller that is all set to blow your mind. 


We dare you to watch the trailer without making a sound. Go ahead. 



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