7 Reasons Why Rannvijay Singha Is The Ultimate Roadie
Posted On 16th March, 2017 @ 18:45 pm by Ketaki Mankame

All hail the Ultimate Roadie!

You say Roadies and the first face that will appear in front of you is that of Rannvijay Singha. He has come a long way since he won the first Roadies title in 2003, and while there were many who bagged the title after him, none were like him. There’s a reason why the man has thousands of fans across the country, many of whom show up at the Roadies auditions only to meet him.

We’ll tell you why he is the Ultimate Roadie and hence, an inspiration for many.


1.       Passion comes before fame and recognition

Rannvijay Singha's love for bikes has been a constant. He auditioned for the first season of Roadies not because he wanted an easy way into the glamour world but because he really, really wanted the Karizma bike. Fame and recognition were only an added advantage.






2.       Humble as always

When you have thousands of fans across the country, fan messages are a given. But unlike many other celebrities, Singha takes the time out to acknowledge them and even reply to most of them. He means a lot to his fans and he makes sure their feelings are reciprocated.






3.       He is kind and courageous for real

In one of the previous seasons of Roadies, when a contestant, unfortunately, fell from her raft and into the gushing waters of a river in Bhutan, Singha was the first one to jump in. While everyone else looked at each other in confusion, this man, without a moment’s hesitation jumped into the cold water, pulled her out and made sure she was okay.






4.       His persona demands respect

Singha has always been a mentor who is respected, not feared. The way he dismisses the wrong without raising a hand or even his voice, unless necessary, is what makes him the most popular Roadies face. Unlike the 'others' who were feared for their harsh language, raised eyebrows and unnecessary violence.






5.       He has never been involved in a scandal

Happily married and a father now, Singha throughout his 15 years in the entertainment industry has never been involved in any scandal or been a victim of unflattering rumours. The man has stayed committed to his lovely wife Prianka Singha for as long as we can remember, and his Instagram handle has never stopped giving us #RelationshipGoals.






6.       He’s a real adventure junkie

After winning the first season of Roadies, Singha became a presenter and later a judge on the show. Whenever possible, he would perform the tasks that were lined up for the contestants. He's always involved in adventure sports, owns many bikes and is always up for a ride. 






7.       He's the life on sets

On the busy and tense days when everyone is frustrated and tired, Singha is the one who keeps the show going. He is known to prank everyone on the shoot. From the director to the camera guy, to the contestants, he has pranked everyone and boy does he enjoy it!



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