After Sir Jadeja’s Doings, We’re Sure He Won’t Be Signing In To Twitter Anytime Soon
Posted On 19th June, 2017 @ 12:48 pm by Ketaki Mankame


Let’s face it, only a miracle could’ve saved the Indian cricket team against Pakistan’s savage play in the ICC Champions Trophy final last night. But after Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and even Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s unfortunate wickets, came some hope in the name of Hardik Pandya. While it was almost impossible to reach the mammoth score of 338, Pandya’s sixes were making sure we won’t have an embarrassing defeat at least.
And then came Sir Jadeja. We’re not quite sure whether it was his selfish intention or just a reflex action that made him refuse to sacrifice his wicket for Pandya, who was in full form last night. For the uninitiated, those confused with all the hate being spewed at Jadeja, here’s what went down exactly.
Hardik Pandya hit 23 runs in one over. In fact, he broke the record for the fastest 50 in an ICC final by scoring a total of 76 runs in just 43 balls. While a victory was definitely not in sight, Pandya alone was responsible for making fans stick to cricket and not switch to the Hockey Finals against Pakistan. Sir Jadeja, on the other side, was going at a shameful score of only 15 runs off 26 balls.
Just as Indian fans were beginning to make merry, it was Jadeja's turn to strike and he hit a rather lousy ball. While that could have been excused, he called for a run, which Pandya agreed to, only to lose his wicket. Why? Because Jadeja, for some goddamn reason, refused to run, causing solid confusion between the two.
Pandya obviously suffered due to the miscommunication. He left the field cursing Jadeja while Jadeja seemed totally oblivious. And as karma would have it, Jadeja’s wicket was taken just 3-4 balls after he refused to sacrifice his wicket for Pandya. After that, Twitter's savagery was more intense than Pakistan's overall performance in last night's match . From angry rants to solid trolls, Jadeja became everyone's target. We did need someone to blame after all...

Some were fuming…


Some simply could not believe their eyes…

Some got another excuse to get their meme game on…

Some went ahead and made some solid changes on Jadeja’s Wikipedia page…

Some thanked Jadeja for refusing to sacrifice his wicket, for this was going to happen otherwise…

Amongst all the hate, some decided to see the brighter side…

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