Mohit Suri Drops Chetan Bhagat's Role From The Adaptation Of 'Half Girlfriend'
Posted On 17th March, 2017 @ 16:01 pm by Mtv Editor

Better luck next time.

We are not sure if Chetan Bhagat ever imagined his books would turn into Bollywood movies. But by the time his third and the fourth book got picked up by leading diectors, we're sure he had gauged the future of his upcoming novels. And that's possibly why Bhagat planted a narrator, played by himself in the book, tightly intertwined in the plot of Half Girlfriend. We aren't sure if he had deliberately done this hoping for a Bollywood debut, but Mohit Suri (who is directing the film based on this book) has decided to drop the narrator's part altogether.   


 Suri, as the director of the movie, is entitled to a few cinematic liberties, and has felt that his movie could do without Chetan Bhagat in it. This is what he had to say:


"Chetan asked me to make the movie, maybe because he thought I was the right person to convert the book to a film. (However) I have edited the narrator [Chetan] from my story. So, basically, I have cut Chetan's role from the film." There has been no bad blood between the author and the director because the decision had been informed to Bhagat well in advance.


But this is not the only change made to the original story. Although the book was written in English, the director has changed conversations to Hindi. Also, the abusive past of the character of Riya Somani played by Shraddha Kapoor has been tweaked a bit.






Come to think of it, maybe it’s a good thing that Bhagat doesn’t have to worry if his character is portrayed well. And, with one less thing to worry about he can now focus on that electric car he says he’s been working on. #TimeToGetSmarter



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