Tanmay Bhat Gets Immensely Trolled On Twitter But It Looks Like Nobody Reads The Newspaper These Days
Posted On 4th December, 2017 @ 18:07 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Tanmay Bhat’s tweet about politicians Rahul Gandhi and Amit Shah’s religion, along with a final verdict that “we are all idiots” wasn’t taken well by the offend brigade. Bhat attracted a lot of flak on this particular thread, and while people are definitely entitled to their opinions, it seemed liked nobody cared to find out in what context the comedian had made the statement. Here’s what Bhat tweeted. 





The good people of Twitter jumped into the conclusion that Bhat has been smoking some obscure stuff lately and tweeting random stuff. They would have let him be had he just spoken for himself when he said ‘’we all are idiots’’ but now that Bhat has apparently insulted the collective intelligence of the country, god save him from Twitterati’s wrath. 









Bhat’s tweet was in response to all the hullabaloo over which register did Rahul Gandhi sign while visiting the Somenath Temple – the Hindu or the non-Hindu one. It definitely leads to the vote-bank politics for the Gujarat elections, where BJP plays the religion card (again) to question Gandhi’s credibility to ask for people’s votes. BJP leader Sambit Patra didn’t even beat around the bush about the issue.

“Must say who he is… “ Patra has demanded. 

But then Congress wasn’t going to take it sitting down. So congress leader Raj Babbar called out BJP leader Amit Mishra for calling himself Hindu when he’s actually Jain. 

“Amit Shah calls himself a Hindu, but he is a Jain. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, Shiv Bhakti is being practised in his home for a long time. Indira Gandhi used to wear rudraksha, only worn by those who worship Shiva,” said Babbar. 

This was the context in which Bhat had tweeted, and it looks like he had already predicted the ill-informed, hateful reactions from Twitter users when we wrote ‘’we all are idiots’’. 






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