This Pune Guy Got So Fried Watching Jab Harry Met Sejal That He Tweeted Sushma Swaraj For Rescue
Posted On 8th August, 2017 @ 14:13 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Jab Harry Met Sejal tanked big time at the Box Office. SRK fans know this, so do people who have zero interest in Bollywood. Why? Because you can’t scroll down your newsfeed on any platform this week  without a Harry Metal Sejal troll. We guess it comes from the pits of despair of heartbroken fans of the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan. It’s unnerving, it’s discouraging. For all those looking for love, it ain’t gonna happen this year (you can’t find love the same year a love story by Imtiaz Ali and Shah Rukh Khan tanks, scientifically proven). The movie tanked so bad that film critics are considering hiring writers to write theirs disses at Harry Met Sejal. It tanked so bad, that SRK is not showing up at the Mannat balcony because this time the people have gathered for refund. It tanked so hard that people are tweeting External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj for rescue, from the theater. Okay, that may have been a little exaggerated. 


EXCEPT IT’S NOT. It actually happened!


Meet Vishal Suryavanshi. This Pune-based guy went for Jab Harry Met Sejal on Saturday, a day and a million social media trolls later – he brought this upon himself, it was like suicide. But instead of taking it like an adult, Suryavanshi gave up midway and sent out an SOS… to the External Affairs Minister of India. -_-








Swaraj, who is known for her quick response to distress calls on Twitter, is yet to grace this tweet with a reply. People, however, are already going cray over the tweet, and things will only blow the effin roof off if Swaraj chooses to reply. 


























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