A RUSH of Adrenaline!
Posted On 6th July, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Roopa Nandini Sharma

We are a rather empowered generation, or at least, we claim to be. We easily discard rules of the yore and constantly make new traditions. We are the masters of our destiny and we'd like to believe that we can't touched by consequences. There ar


AAHAN: Zara is the girl for whom, Aahan, has left all asunder but that is not the only test of his affection. The reason lies in the fact that she was not a flower picked from a posy, but Aahan has plucked her off his brother’s life. So, Aahan is sent helplessly spinning along the lines of a love triangle, created by him. 


RHEA: Rhea is a promising singer but her singing is not in tune with any of the dramatic notes that her love life has veered her towards. She wants to lose her virginity with a boy she is in love with but it is only her conscience that confirms his love for her; something that mustn’t always be trusted because he is about to elope with her trust in the worst manner possible. 


SHIVA: Shiva is a B-boy, a talent that he has honed and is confident about; as much as the other residents of his chawl are, about his imminent fame. This time, he is well rehearsed for the Rush but he is encumbered by a technicality. However, being determined and focused, he is not going to give up despite the odds. 


NEIL & VENKY: Neil and Venky are two college juniors who are itching to take revenge after being thoroughly humiliated by Chirag; who is the quintessential bully but he won’t hold that title for too long, as revenge is round the corner.


CHIRAG: Not even the most experienced bully can withstand the brunt of a bunch of well built boys and two revengeful juniors. This is the case of Chirag; the college stud and tormentor of weaker peers who has been made the head of security, at the fest.


KIRAN: Kiran is a guitarist, who seems to have lost her yen for music after a brutal accident that claimed, both, her father and her appearance. With her face disfigured, she has been left hurting to an extent that her music was never complete. What remains to be seen if she can rise above her pain and embrace her passion.


JAY: Jay slips upon his own fate, by getting the role of a donkey in the college play instead of the lead. It was very important for him to be the protagonist of the college play; not for anybody else but Prachi, his object of affection. But for the sake of his fate and a peevish director; his donkey costume awaits him. Intent on escaping humiliation and being an obstacle in the present hero’s path; he plans to sabotage the play.


UMESH: Umesh is the most popular professor in the college and having scored brownie points with everyone from the students to the principal; he is confident on conquering, wholly, the attention of Naina, a fellow professor. But what happens when the one he loves spurns him? Well, something that is a taboo for any teacher and has the potential of destroying him.


SAACHI: Not all hot, spoilt, divas are what they seem; teasing boys and wooing them until she gets her kicks, is Saachi’s best suited hobby. Even Chirag had fallen prey to her wicked ways. However, it is to be known sooner than later that her feelings run deeper. Unfortunately, it takes a bang and not a whimper for her true colors to emerge. 


VIKRAM: A waning star in the film industry, who finds himself judging a college festival as a result of a marketing gimmick. It is easy for him to get frustrated, with his luck, but will it be easy for him to recover after being slapped, back to reality, by a student?


KAMALIS: Kamalis is wasted; a college education is not enough to polish his skills of peddling drugs but a college fest can be. So, he is in this fest for a reason but there is another reason for him being there that reason is but a play of fate. His fate brings him face to face with Emma and in case you’re wondering; pretty girls are a weakness with this one.


SURAJ: A team of three; Suraj, Pawan and Richa, are assigned the job of covering the fest. While Pawan and Richa are extremely fond of each other; Suraj finds it difficult to cope with their frequent tussles but it allows him an existential escape that only reveals him to himself. 

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