Gals and Gayle!
Posted On 4th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

We got the first glimpse of Chris Gayle "the player" in the papers this morning.



He has given a stellar performance so far in the Twenty20 World Cup, but it’s still a long way to victory for him and the ten other West Indians; so, what the hell happened yesterday?


The Sri Lankan Police arrested three women of British nationality from Gayle’s hotel room while he was partying with teammates Andre Russell, Fidel Edwards and Dwayne Smith.


The argument has, however, catapulted to new heights. The question that the media has set out to answer is whether it is against the law to be a guest of the player; since, the blame has come upon the police for overreacting in this case. While hotel sources have clearly confirmed that the women were the players’ guests, we are still wondering how they were welcomed and then suddenly arrested.


News reports confirm that the Police bodyguards assigned for the protection of the players, for the ongoing World Twenty20, had arrested the three British women and handed them over to the nearby police station for further investigations. So, let’s join the dots; first the women walked right into the hotel and then into the room that Gayle resides in; no one stopped them; then probably, when the bodyguards got fed up of the suspense, they went ahead and stopped the party.


Bodyguards: Knock! Knock!


Gayle: Whose there?


Bodyguards: We are here for your protection.


Gayle: Huh, Already have some. Thanks.


Amusingly, it all ended as if a wild fire had been hosed; the three women, who were arrested, later were released on bail. The ICC was not willing to make any comments on the issue and the West Indies team managers apologized. 


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