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Posted On 28th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Roshni Raj

Here's wishing our Boy Love Ranbir Kapoor a Happy Birthday!

So much excitement piling up for the weekend! We love how the thought of Friday colours a canvas of supernatural proportions with tantalizing style.


But before that, here’s wishing our Boy Love Ranbir Kapoor a Happy Birthday! We literally have our hearts pumping faster and louder watching him. Sigh. Gearing up startling styles for the weekend mania, we believe, Sexy is our word for the next three days.



Emma Stone is ruling the charts today with an Easy A. Invest, indulge and dawn the hottest trends and what better than a corset to start with. Extremely sexy and smart, corsets are our new found obsession. Wear them with super skinny pants or bling skirt; they’re every man’s mind boggling weakness.



Uber fashionable and dressy flats are leaving our love for heels, plummeted. Save yourself the next day ankle pains and binge upon dressy flats for a change. Protruded studs noticeable stylish with promising colours to help every wardrobe shade and heavy duty enviable eyes guaranteed, flats are absolutely stealing the spotlight this weekend.





Try something hatke and bring out that flirty soul from within. Fancy buns amp up your style to go for the evening look; sleek and classy, this up in the air fashion is definitely making it to the top of our best hair styles. Indulge in twisted or braided buns to add the playful side to it. Cute or sexy? When you have an option for both then why settle for less?





Marble prints are swaying their way into our books of mode. Not only kaftans, but also in pants and scarves. Well, prints are always a pleasing sight especially when we are desperately trying to elude the flowers for now. Cheers!  


Image courtesy: karenmiller, GAP, coutureinthecity, easyA


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