Milind Soman’s Mom Runs Barefoot In A Saree Putting Us Youngsters To Shame
Posted On 4th August, 2016 @ 13:45 pm by MTV Editor

Seriously, what’s your excuse?

Recently, Milind ran barefoot in a marathon and we all fell for him a bit more than before (as if it’s possible to fall even deeper in love than we already are.) But then came a pleasant surprise.


In the last leg of the marathon, Milind’s mother joined him for the run and guess what? She was running barefoot too and in a saree! Truly, this entire family is a motivation for all of us to stay fit! Milind Soman posted a video of their run together and it went viral for all the right reasons. 

The fitness icon in an interview even confessed that, “I give credit to my mom for inspiring and encouraging me to take sports seriously. She was a professor of biochemistry and at the age of 60 when she retired she started trekking.”


If this doesn't prick your conscience and makes you want to do something about your health, we don't know what will.


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