7 Unusual Date Ideas For People Who're Sick Of Roses And Tombs
Posted On 17th April, 2017 @ 15:40 pm by MTV Editor

Netflix and Chill is so last year.

Because after a point of time, everyone catches on to ‘Netflix and Chill’. 


1. Visit a planetarium

Because it is important to forge your bond through the cosmos into other dimensions, why else would you call it a ‘forever’? For special effects, puff-puff-pass before you go.  


Point 1



2. Go on a geo-cached adventure

Geo-caching is a real time treasure hunt that lets you look for caches hidden by other geo-cachers in and around your area. Download the app, and if you’re running out of space, uninstall Tinder. 


Point 2



3. Volunteer to validate your existence

Because you need to validate your moral conscience and also it is actually a nice thing to do. Even when it doesn’t end up on social media with a hashtag. 


Point 3



4. Sign-up for a mystery hunt

Put your phone-snooping and Instagram stalking skills to use, because why waste talent? What a great idea it would be to register with one of those 21st Century adaptation of Crystal Maze that the mystery hunt activities copy. And take it from us, they are amazing. 


Point 4



5. Go on a bar crawl 

Perfect for a case of serious munchies. You can add some role play to this and pretend to be food bloggers. Simultaneously tweet like you’re Gordon Ramsay.  





6. Cycle around the city

Back when drivers didn’t go to jail for things they didn’t do, men and women cycled around town without a care in the world. What’s love if it isn’t promoting a greener Earth? #BeHuman


Point 6



7. Take a random bus/train 

It is not always important to know where you are headed, because journey is always so much more important than the destination. Much like your life. It makes no difference if the bus you board takes you to Panipat or Pimpri. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll find new insecurities to dwell over?

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