10 things you must have on your travel agenda!
Posted On 25th January, 2013 @ 15:37 pm by Aparajita Saxena

Since I live away from home, traveling back home is some what my schedule every other weekend.

Personally, I prefer travelling alone over travelling with a friend only because I don’t have to worry about making small talk or give up enjoying the scenic beauty outside my window, but I don’t mind it either because nodding off to sleep with someone to take care of your luggage isn’t a bad deal at all!

So this one time I was travelling back home by train, I started observing people around me, like I always do, but this time with a special agenda in mind. I drew up a list of things people usually do while travelling and this is what I found:

1.Sleep. Obviously. With nothing to do at all, best available option is to catch up on sleep. It is not just a great way to give yourself rest and kill boredom, but it also helps lessen fatigue when you reach your destination because you don’t know how much time actually passed. You also feel fresh and rejuvenated after a nice nap.

2.Look outside. This is one of many things I like to do when travelling. An aspiring documentary maker, I like looking out of my window and observing changing landscape; the way urban cityscape dwindles as you go away from it and eventually metamorphoses into large expands of fields. There is always something documentary-worthy to observe; little kids on the platform, three old men huddled together watching the train go by and so on. Remember how we all loved watching tracks change as a kid?

3.Read a book. This one tops my list, especially when I travel alone. It makes getting lost inside the book easier and fun when no one you know is around. Five hours of uninterrupted reading is paradise of sorts for any book lover. The perks of it also being that you can cry or laugh without people annoyingly asking you if you’re okay.

4.Listen to music. It helps keep your mind from over thinking and mostly gives you something to do without much physical labour like reading. (Eyes moving across a page help burns calories too okay!)

5.Making lists. I once made 12 lists while travelling. Travelling is a great way to sort your grocery list and life out. You can make lists of almost everything: Things to buy from the chemist, things to buy from the grocery store, things to do when you reach XYZ place, people you need to ignore, drinks you absolutely MUST learn to make and so on. This one time while travelling, I had a bride-to-be as co-passenger and she made a list of flowers that she must have for her wedding.

6.Talk to your co passenger. Nothing excites a writer or story teller more than making an acquaintance with the extremely interesting/resourceful co passenger. I like knowing people and the stories that make them; they help me write a potential script or imagine them in my head. It is a great way to kill time and research scientists say that talking to strangers relieves one of stress!

7.Watch a movie. If you have an iPad or a small nice laptop, catching up on a Priyadarshan or a Tarantino isn’t a bad option as long as you use your headphones and don’t disturb the other travelling population.

8.Have an epiphany. The most interesting thing to do when travelling. Think about life and think hard. Everything you’ve ever done is life, eventually won’t make sense because Death greets everyone in the end, no? What if the purpose of Life is to prepare us for the real journey; the one that begins after death?

9.Finish off work. I often find business associates conferencing with their work associates over the phone. Getting done with the million phone calls one must make, while travelling helps lessen the amount of work one would have otherwise had to get back to after reaching the destination.

10.Sleep. After measuring the above mentioned options, sleep.


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