5 Most Violent Video Games
Posted On 10th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Not just the orthodox and conservatives, but scientists too have found a direct link between the behaviour of youngsters with the kind of video games they play. We know there are some really nasty games out there, the lawmakers abroad are trying hard to c



Mortal Kombat:No one can point out the first video game that started this trend of violent games, but there is no denying that Mortal Kombat did make a controversial debut. In the year 1992, when it was introduced, there was uproar among parents to stop the sales, because the game had the players engaged in combat with limited moves but all inducing blood loss. While the mothers hated it, the kids quickly picked up the one-liner “Finish Him” that symbolised an instance in the game where one could make their opponent land torso-deep in razor-sharp spikes.


Manhunt:Talking about a sadistic form of entertainment, the producers of this game must have really thought that all that kids want to achieve is murder. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be a bad game to entertain Ajmal Kasab with, while he waits for the end. The main aim of the player is to sneak his player around a 3-D environment and murder people with help of steel objects, decapitation, sickle-jams up the backside etc.


The Grand Theft Auto 3: The reason why video games work is because you get to celebrate yourself, in the third-person. How cool is that? In The Grand Theft, as the name suggests, one has to make a name for themselves by making it big in Gangland; hence, the usual follows: blood, death and mayhem.


God of War: First released for the PlayStation 2 console in 2005, its popularity has forced the producers to come out with remastered editions; and only recently, they released the God of War Saga. This single-player game, allows the player to control Kratos who is a ruthless warrior taking revenge against the Gods who tricked him into murdering his own family. Every tech mag gave this game a flattering review, but while the graphics are mouth-wateringly unique, it still makes it even more difficult not to include it in this list.


Gears of War: While crisp and believable environments, enamour todays gamers, it also makes bloody scenes seem bloodier and realistic. Gears of War, gives you both these aspects in overdose; it almost feels like you are playing digital Holi, the way the blood comes splattering on the screen. Loss of limbs, chopping of essentials, is the regular fate of the characters of this game.   


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