7 Days in April That Are More Legit Than April Fools'
Posted On 4th April, 2017 @ 17:48 pm by MTV Editor

April's month-long ridiculous pranks.

April has many more ridiculous pranks in store, and we're not even talking about April Fool's Day. Here are 7 days, that actually exist, that deserve much more appreciation than they get:


1. 7th April: No Housework Day

Every teenager gets up in the morning thinking "Aaj kuch toofani karte hain" but ends up going to D-Mart to get bread and detergent. And what is with folding your blankets after getting up in the morning? You'll have to unfold it again at night! We celebrate No Housework Day to revolt against these boring chores. To which our Indian moms respond:


point 6


2. 6th April is Tell A Lie Day

If your name is Harishchandra but you still want to celebrate this day, we have some easy lies for you:

Virat Kohli is a soft-spoken guy.

As Modiji promised, "acche din" have arrived.

The black buck died of natural causes.


point 3


3. 9th April: Cherish an Antique Day

Technically, this day is already celebrated every day in India. We cherish antiquated rituals, antiquated laws that discriminate against gender minorities, antiquated nationalism and so much more.


point 2


Even our sense of humor is antiquated.


4. 17th April: Bat Appreciation Day

Bats are a underrated cultural phenomenon. They gave us spooky cave scenes in movies and the greatest superhero of all time, Batman! But, it's a matter of deep shame that as Indians, the only bats we can appreciate are these:


point 7


5. 25th April: Hug a Plumber Day

The day should be celebrated to spread awareness about the lack of original stories in adult cinema. Please don't objectify plumbers, they have the right to consent too. To support plumbers all over the world, Amitabh Bachchan's new movie "No means No Leaky Pipes", it is the sequel to Pink that we have all been waiting for. When reached for comment, Big B had this to say:


point 1


6. 26th April: Help a Horse Day

Horses are an integral part of weddings. They bear the weight of fat Indian grooms and dodge the dance moves of drunk uncles. Despite advances in technology, they continue to be the the fastest mode of transportation in Mumbai.


point 8



Be responsible, help a horse, by not trying the above stunt yourself.


7. 29th April: Sense of Smell Day

The Sense of Smell Institute, the only institute whose entrance test involves sniffing the question paper, sponsors the Sense of Smell Day. This day is internationally celebrated by going outside (having rajma and sitting at home doesn't count) and trying new fragrances. As a Mumbaikar, this is very easy to do, just go here:


point 4


If we, as a culture, are okay with celebrating April Fools' Day, then let's not hold back and celebrate them all!

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