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Posted On 27th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

We predict that Bad Piggies is going to be the next big thing to take over gamers, the world over! Rovio has launched their latest offering, read on to know more:




The name Rovio has been synonymous with the addictive game, popular among Android and iOS users- Angry Birds. These angry looking yet adorable birds can be seen all over the place; first they were in your phones and now they are available as posters, on stationery and as soft toys in retail stores. With such an increase in demand, Rovio is launching another game under the same banner.



While the pigs were the distressed lot, in the present game; now, the pigs will get a chance to take revenge and attack birds. This new game will be launched today and it has called Bad Piggies; obviously, hinting at a sequel to the earlier game. As Rovio executives put it, they are hoping the new game would breathe new life into the Angry Birds brand.



Rovio started in 2003, but only became a national phenomenon in 2009 after the launch of Angry Birds for the Apple iPhone. Angry Birds upped Rovio’s business manifold; though, Amazing Alex, their latest inclusion wasn’t a hit with the users. Today, with Bad Piggies, Rovio aims at leading users away from other competitors. In fact, last year a major turnover came from Angry Birds merchandise alone.



It is unfortunate that the company was unknown until Angry Birds was introduced; it was their 52nd title, and amazingly it had been developed by a team of only four people in a period of eight months. Once it was launched on Android products, the company got one million users in less than three weeks.



As far as the new game is concerned, the company wants it to be a surprise, here is what we know: instead of shooting with slingshots, the players have to build vehicles that can aid the pigs in capturing the birds’ eggs. So, are you ready for the new challenge? 




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