Off The Beaten Track: You Have No Idea The Secrets Mumbai Has Been Hiding
Posted On 6th April, 2017 @ 14:25 pm by MTV Editor


While Indians who visit Mumbai obsess over food, tourists obsess over landmarks, hipsters obsess over the ‘raw unfiltered state of being’, most Mumbaikars prefer staying at home with the AC on. But we managed to unearth some places that can unite everyone. Only a select few are lucky enough to visit the places that truly reinforces this lesser known, hidden spirit of Mumbai.


1. Coin Depot in Fort

This shop sells old coins (2 aana, 3 aana) and currency notes used under the British Raj. If you still have any old notes with you, sell them at the coin depot for a profit!


point 1


You - 1 Demonetization - 0


2. Place of worship on Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR)

It is rumoured that three separate bulldozers were dispatched to demolish this building because it caused traffic jams on JVLR. But all of them mysteriously broke down on the way.


point 2


God doesn’t like link roads.


3. Kona Corner

This snack shop is located behind Kila Fort, right next to Dukaan Shop off Rasta Road. It is known for playing superhit movies for its customers, namely, Jaal: The Trap and Yoddha: The Warrior.


point 3



4. The Kopri Bridge in Thane

The Kopri Bridge is an engineering marvel. Every day eight lanes of cars come from the Eastern Express Highway and effortlessly merge into one and a half lanes of Kopri Bridge.


Point 4



5. The not-so-secret Garden.

That quiet garden where people come to relax and play with their pets. This magical place can be reached by keeping your pet in a trolley and then running straight into the pillar between platforms 3 and 4 of Kurla station. 


Point 5


It works only if you truly believe in it.


6. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station

The iconic railway station is  known for its beautiful facade, detailed glasswork and the sheer quantity of paan stains on every wall.


point 6



7. Graduate vada pav

No list about Mumbai can be complete without including a vada pav stall, especially when the vada pav went to college and even graduated.


point 7



8. The Garbage Dump

In Mumbai, garbage dumps tend to have a life of their own. This historic garbage dump near Bandra station has been preserved since 1947.


Point 8


A true symbol of our journey since independence.

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