RBI Just Launched The New Rs. 200 Note & Here’s Why It's A Problem-Solver
Posted On 4th April, 2017 @ 17:57 pm by Mihika Jindal


Two months ago, RBI approved a proposal to launch Rs. 200 currency notes and, as promised, they've launched it today.


The new Rs. 200 note comes with advanced security features that, the government hopes, will be able to tackle the problem of counterfeiting. The authorities have also justified adding this denomination by saying that it will make transactions easier.


Of course, this is already getting slammed from all and sundry. But, we’re happy to look for the upside to everything. Here’s a few ways in which we actually think this introduction of a Rs. 200 note will work out for us.


1. Easy calculation

No matter how much you su*k at Maths, you must still know 2 ka table

2 one zaar 2…2 two zaar 4” is something we all have done to death and are confident of. With Rs. 200 notes, the calculation with the grocer or with your vegetable guy will be a cakewalk. 






2. 5 points for variety

Agreed the ease of transaction is all covered between Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 notes, but who minds variety? Plus one new note means an additional colour in your wallet.





3. No more haggling for change

With Rs. 200 notes, people will not run in the opposite direction or climb the nearest pole at the sight of a Rs. 2,000 note. Because one Rs. 2000 note = 10 (just 10) Rs. 200 notes, simple! 


giphy (1)






We have no idea why the government is messing with our minds. And why in the world are they trying to change the way we have counted our money for decades? Aarrgghh…

Dear government, all we want is Rs. 1000 back because the difference between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 is too damn much.






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