Reality Check: 7 Reasons Why Pets Are Way Better Than Babies
Posted On 19th April, 2017 @ 10:25 am by MTV Editor

Babies are just unruly pets that you can’t get rid of (legally).

Babies are just unruly pets that you can’t get rid of (legally).



1. No Gestation Period

Are babies really worth the morning sickness and labour pain?


Point 1



2. No Generation Gap

A pet would never mock you for not knowing the full form of AFAIK. They will always comfort you by being as out of touch with the latest slangs and lingo as you are.


Point 2



3. The Talk

Indians have no experience of having or giving ‘The Talk’. But with pets, that’s not an issue.

When you have ‘The Talk’ with your child but they don’t believe you:


Point 3



4. Cheap

Pets don’t need to go to college or summer camp. They don’t need to study for IIT in Kota. They don’t need the latest iPhone, nor do they need a dress from Zara. 


Point 4




They’re happy if you’re happy.



5. Easier to Abandon

If you adopt a pet because of peer pressure and later find that you’re unable to handle it, you can give it back. Abandoning babies is generally frowned upon.


Point 5




Bob, this one is definitely a mistake.



6. Protection

Pets, especially dogs, will fiercely protect their owners. The only thing babies can do to protect you is cry, and that will just annoy the attacker and make them want to kill someone faster.


Point 6


If you have a cat, you’re on your own.



7. Distraction to Superheroes

A superhero has to deal with hiding his identity from the media, sacrificing his personal life and fighting super villains. He doesn’t need a reckless baby on the highway to add to his troubles.


point 7


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