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Posted On 24th August, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Amazon, the global retailer of Kindle E-Readers has tied up with Croma, the sister brand of the Tata group, to retail their E-Readers in its own chain of retail stores across India.



However unwelcoming it is; the new trend is here to stay, and especially if you are an avid reader who is addicted to having your hands clipped to a book, the smell of its crispy yellowing pages and the joy of having each and every one of them lined up like handsome soldiers on a bookshelf; prepare yourselves for that reality has now become an illusionary detachment. But, if you are not in the habit of reading at all; here is the perfect excuse.


Let’s admit it, you cannot get access to the biggest libraries around the world, however deep your pockets might be, there is no way you are getting hold of those books. For example, the books in the library of Yale University are being digitized; so, every mark, every doodle, and every note, made by the fore bearers of those books would emerge on your Kindle screen.


Besides, here are the other reasons, why, Kindle is a P-E-R-F-E-C-T option for readers:


1.       Portability: The Kindle is very light, and can easily be carried around. Especially, for those who are always on the run; they can never leave without some knowledge. 


2.       Economical: Though, I am of the opinion that money can’t buy love and books, but that is because I love books. However, books are cheaper on the Kindle, while some can be read for free.  


3.       Readability: The E-Ink screen is one of the advantages that are an attraction for converts. E-Ink is just like reading paper. One can adjust the font size up or down as required, also “turn the pages” with just one flick of the hand.


4.       Flexibility: You can flex your muscles, without losing the page you were on; just like a bookmark allows you to get distracted, without losing the page at which you left off.


5.       Easy: It is easy to highlight important text and make notes, on your Kindle, while you’re reading. Making for a better reading experience, for students who spend precious study-time looking for highlighters.


6.       Compatibility: One is not limited to the Kindle reader but can read the same books on a variety of devices; like, a PC, Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and now Tablet Computers. Which also means that more than one family member can read Kindle books at the same time; basically, it does away with a home-bookshelf.


7.       Tangible: A kindle can be held, to feel like a book in your hands, with all the above features.


To get all that fulfilled, you would have to shell out Rs 6999. Though, that is a lot said for the readers, but if your reading translates into writing and your dream is to get published; here is the dope; Amazon, will also launch Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), a positive step forward for all independent authors. 




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