Things That Should Be Driving Science Nuts: 7 Mysteries That Remain Unsolved In 2017
Posted On 17th April, 2017 @ 11:49 am by MTV Editor

Someone please explain.

As always, Science has not gotten around solving the real problems. Problems those, well, should've been solved by now. Get your sh*t together, Science! Look at how far Sharma ji's delusional beta ‘religion’ has come!



1. Tangled earphones

Two facts will never change: One, your earphones will always be entangled, and two, there is no good way to untangle earphones in an emergency situation.

point 1


Do we really need to learn rope tricks to listen to music?


2. DJ waale babu

Badshah’s hit song DJ Waale Babu raised many important questions. Which song is the girl referring to? How does she expect the DJ to know which song is her song? And what is the dark secret behind the DJ’s refusal to play her song?

point 2


3. Telephone indexes

In the internet and smartphone era, who is publishing telephone indexes? Who is writing down names and numbers of people instead of asking them to give a missed call?

Point 3


Let’s continue clearing the rainforests but not for this.


4. Secret ingredient in every railway station vada pav stall

People who have the courage to have a vada pav from the railway station, usually don’t have the courage to endure what comes next. What is the name of this secret ingredient that guarantees diarrhoea? A 100% hit-rate is unheard of, even in street-food circles.

point 4


5. DDLJ in Maratha Mandir

DDLJ is still playing every day at 11.30 AM in Mumbai’s heritage theatre Maratha Mandir. Why? Who is getting up in the morning, on a weekday, to watch DDLJ? Is Maratha Mandir staff being held hostage by radical Shah Rukh-Kajol fans?

Point 5


As expected, SRK was unavailable for comment.


6. Impatience on road

Why don’t cars come to a complete halt for senior pedestrians to cross the road? The car will keep moving very slowly towards the pedestrian as if to make sure that he doesn’t stop midway.

point 6


When the pedestrian crosses the halfway mark, the car will swerve around him, almost crash into the divider but swerve back just in time.


7. Mom switching the fan off 

When will mothers stop doing this? It is clearly a human rights violation and should be punishable by law.

point 7


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