Things To Do On Concert Night If You're a Non-Belieber, Broke Or Both
Posted On 9th May, 2017 @ 11:38 am by MTV Editor

You shouldn't need us to tell you it's not worth it.

Justin Bieber is coming to Navi Mumbai (or has he already landed!?) for tomorrow’s concert and the tickets were sold for as high as Rs. 70,000 a pop. That's more than double the Coldplay concert. You shouldn't need us to tell you it's not worth it, but you might need us to tell you things that you can do instead. Because #FOMO


1. Baba Sehgal

Baba Sehgal needs no introduction, his rap songs do that for him. Why listen to Justin Bieber when you can listen to the Bald King of Rap himself? He is also a part-time motivational guru. Confused? Have a taste of his wisdom:


point 1



2. Watch an argument.

Grab some popcorn and watch your mom argue with the maid. This is a good idea because:

It's entertaining and reminds you of Arnab Goswami. (Also, he’s back, so…)

It's a close fight, your maid has better moves than your dad, and is the only one to ever come close to defeating your mom. If you close your eyes and absorb the chaos, you'll realise that it's not that different from a Bieber song.

It can get rough though, keep a whistle handy:


Point 2



3. Just celebrate not being in Navi Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai can be described as posh if posh is the only adjective you know. Wherever you are in the world, you should be happy that you're not in Navi Mumbai. Refugees, when given the option of living in Belapur, laughed maniacally while shaking their head.

point 3


4. Become an entrepreneur.

It’s trendy to start a startup and since you have money enough for the Bieber concert, you don 't need to worry about funding. To ensure maximum success, you should binge-watch the Steve Jobs documentary and the only Abhishek Bachchan movie that was any good, Guru:


point 4



5. Go on a trip, a guilt trip.

If you have so much money that you were thinking of going for the concert, then you have way too much money and no soul. Ever heard of charity? You can donate to the Struggling Actors Guild of Mumbai or the Unfunny Comedians Relief Fund. It's because of selfish people like you that actors have to take up weird jobs:


point 5



6. Make a reaction video.

People make reaction videos of things that they see, but why discriminate against things that they don't see? Make a reaction video of you not watching Bieber. React to the absence of his voice in your ears. If you think this point doesn't make sense, make a reaction video about it but it'll probably look something like this:


point 6



7. Jump into a volcano.

Jump into flames, seriously, because that's how hot it's going to be when the gates to the concert open at two in the afternoon in May. Hold your Rs. 70,000 ticket in one hand, plug in your earphones playing Baby and dive into molten lava. You won't die instantly, so you'll have enough time to contemplate if it was all worth it.


Point 7
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