Top 5 Gangnam Parodies!
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Addicted to the Gangnam song but can't make head or tail of the lyrics? Fret not, a host of Internet parody videos have sprung up which simplify it for you. And being the noble, kind hearted souls that we are, we went through every last one of them t


Rap: Hitler Style

You’ve seen Hitler cold bloodedly declare war. You’ve seen him deliver aggressive speeches to the German populace. Now meet the Hitler who breaks into a Gangnam Style rap each time he gets angry. Easily the funniest Gangnam Style parody we’ve come across, Rap: Hitler Style features Hitler pulling off a mean version of Psy’s viral single, while a bunch of his cronies listen on fearfully and interject, “Heil!” at the right places. Even though the trademark gallop is missing, watching Hitler bark out the song will definitely have you go, “Heil Sexy Nazi!” at the end!


Gangnam Style: English Version

Let’s face it. Everyone from our boss to our 7 – year old siblings may have perfected the Gangnam moves, but when it comes to the lyrics….. “Hey sexy lady,” is about as far as we can get. We were pretty much resigned to the fact that we wouldn’t be winning many karaoke contests anytime soon, until Gangnam Style: English Version enlightened us. Let us warn you though; the makers have taken a bit of creative freedom while penning the lyrics. For instance, Oppa Gangnam Style changes to Hot Dog Condom Style. And sadly, unlike Psy who charmed the girls on the subway, the hero in this one gets beaten up pretty bad.


Gotham Style ft. Batman & Catwoman

Around four months back, we bid farewell to one of our favourite superheroes with a heavy heart. So imagine our surprise when Batman returned to our screens, albeit in a different form than what we expected. Yes, the guys at Mischief Tube simply threw together two of our favourite things in the world: Batman and Gangnam Style, and ended up creating one epic parody video. However, in Gangnam universe, Batman isn’t too concerned with beating up the baddies, Nah, he’s busy hopping off swings and living it large, Gangnam Style. The pièce de résistance is the chorus, Oppa Gotham Style, which earned the makers the heartfelt gratitude of every DC fan around the world – as well as a whopping 832,324 views.


Roadies Gangnam Style

From scared Taiwanese students to the cheerleaders at the Oregon University, every one may be showing off their hip Gangnam moves, but sadly, in our widespread travails to pick the best parodies for you, we failed to come across a good Indian one. (With the exception of Oppa Indian Style, which has nothing remotely Indian about it, apart from the lyrics.) And to set this injustice right, our very own Roadies team came to the rescue. Taking a break from the gruelling drill of selecting the would – be Roadies from the definite no-nos, Raghu and Rannvijay show Psy how it’s really done in Roadies Gangnam Style. And while Psy pranced his way about a bus, Raghu and Ranvijay pull off some slick Gangnam moves right in the middle of the Mumbai local!


Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style

Deadpool may have been a huge mercenary and anti-hero in Marvelverse, but when the casting director for The Avengers came knocking, he was sadly left out. This is probably what made the guy give up his bad ways and take to hitting the malls on a Gangnam spree. From ambushing sales clerks to letting a kid tackle him with a sword, this homemade video has it all, including 8 million views. Word of caution: Next you go to a mall, keep an eagle eye out. You never know, when you’ll get caught up in one of the self – styled Gangnam parodies, and the next thing you know, millions of people from around the world are having a hearty laugh at your expense!


Also special mention goes to Vote Obama Style, where the entire Obama clan has ball at Mitt Romney’s expense. And even if you aren’t a Lord of the Rings fan, watch Gandalf Style – the guy sure hits the right notes with the people in the parking lot!


So which is your favourite Gangnam Style parody? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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