5 Best Online Deals on Women’s Day
Posted On 8th March, 2013 @ 14:46 pm by Sanat Mehra

Most of you would find it absurd that today is supposed to be International Women’s Day; why not every day? Is there something called International Men’s Day? I have no answer for the first question, but for the second question the answer is yes.

International Men’s Day falls on the 19th of November; an excellent idea to balance out the entire argument, but if one were to look at everything with a straight-face then, how would you enjoy all the great deals that can be availed of online?

Here are a few of them:

A 50% discount on Base Fares for booking between 8th March to 10th March 2013 on your Go Air ticket. We haven’t reached the holiday season yet, but this may just be the perfect excuse. Here are the terms and conditions: The offer is only applicable on Go Smart fares only; your travel period has to fit within 8th of March to 15th April and 1st July to 30th September 2013. Do visit Go Air website, for further details.

HomeShop18 is offering a Women’s Day Sale, and it isn’t just for one category. Indulge yourself by availing of 50% discount on Women’s accessories, footwear and jewelry. You better be quick because there are products that have began being cancelled after they are sold.

Tradus.com is also offering products at discounted rates; they don’t have a huge range that comes under the sale category, but you can get hold of the essentials like: sunglasses, polos, watches, tops and slip-ons. Some products are being offered at a straight discount of 90%.

You might have made the mistake of shopping yesterday, but some offers are hard to miss; especially, now that I stumbled upon myntra.com. They aren’t chucking out the bad stuff; the discount they have offered is miniscule, but they do have a range. All orders over 1500 get a 15% discount and those above 3000 get a 20% discount.

We cannot miss out the foodies; don’t get miffed just because all the discounts are on fashion products, because Goodlife.com has got something for you. If you have been dripping at the lip for those pickled olives or wanted to buy your own tandoor chef set; you can do so with a discount. Flat 15% on all products; the offer lasts till midnight tomorrow.


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