5 text messages you must avoid!
Posted On 13th December, 2012 @ 17:00 pm by Urban Cupid

It has been 20 years since SMS had been invented, but look at it this way; it has been 20 years of a lot of teasing, heartbreak, sharing of sweet honeyed nothings and naughty, under the sheets chats.

If a man is truly interested in you, he will make the time to send a text message that is far more substantial or coherent than a lame “Hey”

However; as much as this invention allows for your warm and affectionate chats to flourish; there are some gruesome lovers out there who just don’t know what it is to have a textual orgasm, and they knowingly ruin it by faking it.
So, here are a few texts you must simply ignore:

“What’s up?”: All the women want a man to put in a little effort in to every attempt at getting their attention, but a plain “What’s up?” is one of the most lazy attempts to get you talking. Besides, let’s say you get a similar text from someone who has been pestering you for a while; all you have to do is ignore the text. Yes, maybe you are on his mind but he better think harder about you, because if he can’t do it in a text then he surely cannot do it in person.

“Any Plans?”: I truly despise questions, it’s like your lover is really blank but still trying fulfill formality. Unless, you know he really loves you and he is being genuine. However, if you were to get such texts from a guy just beating around the bush; a perfect reply would be: “Nothing, I plan to spend this day with myself!” Or, just ignore.

“Where you placed?”: Beep! Beep! Another question…You can expect such a message on a Friday or Saturday. Usually, such a text surfaces, anytime, during the weekend. If you do not want to feel as if you are on a Quiz show, you can always retort: “I am placed on the top of the world.”

“Hey”: This is another lackluster message you really must ignore. If a man is truly interested in you, he will make the time to send a text message that is far more substantial or coherent than a lame “hey”. It shows he currently has nothing to say to you and is only look for fodder from you to prolong the conversation. Totally avoidable

“I’m in the neighborhood; we could meet if you wanted”: Any man who is interested in a woman is going to make the effort to call set up a date. If he’s the kind of guy who calls you only when it’s convenient for him, it’s about time you told him to take a hike. Every girl deserves to be courted and made to feel special; texts like these should automatically be termed as spam!

Now that you the texts you must totally avoid, it’s about time you started avoiding the men who send those text messages! Find a man who calls and woos you, texts are totally overrated!


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