5 things he wishes you knew!
Posted On 6th November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Asmita shinde

Men aren't the most vocal beings in the world. They don't enjoy long conversations about the future or even romantic pillow talks; conversely, they do expect their lady love to know a few of their quirks that they secretly enjoy. They won't




1)      Men believe in love (read: lust) at first sight – Most men would rather jump off building into a burning well before admitting this, but they totally dig the idea of love at first sight. The first bout of attraction felt by them has to be intense for them to be smitten. But it isn’t all bad news, this attraction isn’t all about physical beauty, it has more to do with the essence of the person.



2)      Men love the mysterious damsel – Men, by nature, are intensely curious and enjoy pursuing answers. They love women who don’t immediately blab everything there’s to know about them. They secretly enjoy women who withhold information, so they can feel like International Men of Mystery. It’s an ego thing, indulge them ladies!



3)      Men aren’t mind readers – When it comes to something that’s bothering their women, men want explicit details. They cannot read minds, they do not like trying to figure out what the problem is and most importantly, they are lazy! So ladies, if there’s something on your mind, if he’s left a wet towel on the bed again, don’t wait around for him to figure it out. Just tell him. NOW.



4)      Men love losing to their leading ladies – He might throw a tantrum, he might sulk in a room, in fact he might even pick a fight with you over a video game battle that he lost but the fact remains that he loves losing to you. He might hate losing at everything else but he’ll love the fact that you beat him at something he loves. It’s a matter of pride!



5)      It’s not just you, men love romance too – Here’s the biggest secret of them all! You heard it right, men love to be seduced and they love romance. He might not take the effort to make elaborate plans very often but he’ll love it if you pick up the phone and make a reservation for a special dinner!




Armed with this new found knowledge, go forth and blow your man away. For all the love that he showers you with, he deserves it!



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