5 Things That You Must Do Over The Weekend, If You Aren't Already
Posted On 31st January, 2013 @ 12:07 pm by MTV Editor



Most of us end up spending the day in bed, catching up on a million hours of lost sleep, while the others end up watching a chick flick with a box of pizza at an arm’s length. All this laziness and sluggishness connotes our definition of a “chilled out” weekend.

While catching up on lost sleep is essentially lifesaving, a well-planned, productive and relaxed Sunday isn’t all that bad either. Grab the only “me” day you have and make it productive in the following ways:

1. Give yourself the home spa experience:

Get up one hour before your stipulated Sunday wake-up time. Set up a warm, nice bath with lots of bath salts and fragrances. If you don’t have bath salts, throw in a spoonful of rock salt, a few drops of essential oil and some nice cologne. If you don’t have those expensive aroma candles, light birthday candles and an incense stick in the bathroom (make sure you have some ventilation!). Throw in a homemade fruit face pack (mashed bananas or lemon syrup or mashed cucumbers) and add a bit of instrumental music, even if it’s just on your phone. Get in, soak and chill. Spa treatment right at home!



2. Decorate your home.

It is said that the way you keep your house defines that kind of person you are. And even if you are a messy professional in general with your house having absolutely no bearing on you, the décor or the general mood of your house plays some role in defining your busy day as a working professional. Getting back after a long tiring day to dirty clothes strewn around is unpleasant but getting back to the same dirty clothes, with beautiful lilies hanging from the vase near your dressing table is a pleasant change. Mark “get fresh flowers” as the only thing “to do” on Sunday, even if you don’t pick up your dirty laundry. There is a psychology that comes into play slowly when you keep up with getting fresh flowers every Sunday; because the flowers make you feel nice, you automatically start cleaning the filth around slowly to enhance the beauty you get back to every night.



3. Cook something new

Watch Nigella Lawson or Donna Hay cook up some magic in their kitchen and try replicating those dishes. Your reward will await you at the end of that six hour cooking tirade. You can also pretend that you are hosting a cook show when no one’s watching!



4. Watch a movie

Watch a movie that has some historical importance or that recounts a true historical happening, like Tears of the Sun – based on the genocide that happened in Rwanda some years ago. If nothing, it’ll increase your knowledge base and probably even evoke interest in that subject. Better yet, watch a foreign language movie with English subtitles. You can get as frivolous as you can with this; watch a movie made in Guatemala! Movies are great sources of culture. Local culture reflects a lot on cinema.



5. Surf the internet

Nothing gets easier and lazier than this. Instead of wasting the day, rolling around in bed, making up stories in your head, get onto the net and Google random things. Like Maugham’s sister’s name! Find out what the Hezbollah is or what the Lance Armstrong dope case was about. It never harms to know a little more than your peers! Learn how to brew different kinds of coffee, what your sleeping position says about you, and what country defected from its foreign policy etc.





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