5 Things Women Do Better than Men
Posted On 8th January, 2013 @ 13:17 pm by Urban Cupid

They say that men worker harder than women; seriously? Women don’t; probably, that is because they get their work done in one go.

More than 55% of women find a comrade in their girlfriends for busting their stress.

Read on to know what are the 5 Things Women Do Better than Men.


I needn’t prove it to you because you all have experienced it in your academic life: it is always the women who top. A month after any university exam, there has always been an article in the papers about a girl topping. Basically, the proof is upfront and there is no denying that women have a better approach to their studies than the boys.

Neat and Clean:

Compare your brother’s room to yours or, just look around you in your professional vicinity and the truth will shimmer like a gemstone. Indeed, even the way women mess up is a work of art. Besides, I am sure that there is an invisible link between cleanliness and having a clear conscience.

Stress busters:

You know how obsessed the Americans are about conducting surveys; here is one that they conducted with 2000 people that should be of interest to you. The aim of the conductors was to prove that women are better to consult for seeking advice. Evidently,they did come through victorious. More than 55% of women find a comrade in their girlfriends for busting their stress.

Stronger Immunity:

When we succumb to any of the numerous bacterial infections, our insides become a battlefield for the warring anti-bodies and bacteria. As a pawn at the forefront of the battle, a woman’s body releases estrogen; hence, giving them an edge in fighting off the infection. Now, just how unlucky are the men?

Long Live the Queen:

I think I can already hear the women gesticulating in happiness, but wait till you hear this one. Did you know that women live longer than men? It is a fact in general that women live five to ten years longer than men.


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