5 ways to make that perfect first date impression!
Posted On 4th January, 2013 @ 16:58 pm by Urban Cupid

So you found yourself the perfect catch at that New Year's eve party. You must've scheduled that perfect date at your favourite venue but here's how you can make that perfect first impression.

Don't be afraid to be a little judgmental, he's scored a date with a woman like you and he should be thanking the Gods of romance! If he treats you right, you've already made your impression and he's made his!

Having your way with a man does not require you to dip yourself into books of Freudian sciences or making sense of India vs. Pakistan cricket matches, because if there is any study at all it ends as soon as you begin your research. Indeed, it is as simple as this:

Be a journalist:

Men often come to a date knowing that all they’ll have to do is pay for the coffee and snacks; so, let us be a little different. The male sex may remain quiet on a date but their minds are always juggling thoughts; let them not assume that it is your job to do all the talking. Besides, if you be the inquisitive one and start asking him about his dreams and ambitions, he will be thanking the Gods for having gotten an opportunity to speak to a girl who doesn’t go overboard with talking about herself.

A little exposure is allowed:

A good friend is one who knows a little too much about you; after all, trust is one pillar on which good relationships flourish. So, I’m not asking you to reveal your deepest darkest secret to him but if you spill some beans, he will begin to feel responsible for being a share-holder in your company. Something simple like: “I love eating at Mercury Kitchen, it’s my favourite retreat”. Who knows, if he’s fallen for you, you can expect a parcel from there.

Dress for the kill, casually:

The poor chameleons have got a bad name for being used to describe inconsistent people, but look at it this way; they know how to dress for the occasion. Stick to your jumpsuits in the afternoon, your peplums in the evening and wear your spaghettis or tubes for brunches. Leave out the bustiers for another day, they don’t scream first date!

Mind your language:

I’m sure you guys are already well aware of these rules, but in case you forget, here they are again. Body language is extremely important on such occasions; let me guide you through the essentials like an airhostess runs through the safety measures, except, this time we are on a flight to love. Don’t cross your arms, don’t seem confrontational, don’t maintain continuous eye contact, and please don’t drop that smile.

Be independent:

The one thing about men you shouldn’t ever forget is that, if they were thrown into a ring with the strongest man on earth, they wouldn’t hesitate in giving him a fight; never mind, if it were destined to be a very short one. Men are very competitive and they are sure to fall for an independent, free thinking woman like you. So be confident and go for it!


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