7 Sexiest Football Players!
Posted On 14th June, 2013 @ 11:47 am by mtv editor

If objectifying hunky football players was a crime, half the female population of the planet would be behind bars by now.

With an entire world of chiseled abs and raw blooded appeal spread before us, picking seven has been nothing short of impossible. Spread the cheer by adding your personal favorite in the comments box and join us in toasting some of the finer specimens of football:

Cristiano Ronaldo
Sinful brown eyes? Check. Polished pecs? Check. Sexily disheveled hair? Check. Cristiano is one helluva footy player, although we'd like to blame those abs for routinely distracting our attention during crucial games. If you were to measure his hotness on a scale of 1 to 10, Cristiano would rate a cool 9,898,999.

David Beckham
With great football powers comes a well toned body. With a well toned body comes great looks. And with great looks comes David Beckham. His haters are taking solace in the fact that Beckham will soon cross forty, but you could come back to this blog forty years down the line and David would still have our vote for sexiest footballer alive.

Iker Casillas
Don Balon media recently took on the task of rating the sexiest Spanish footballers, (For which we can only salute their valour and courage. Ranking the five hottest players from a brood of athletes who all look like they stepped out of the pages of GQ can't have been easy) and guess which hunky Spanish goalkeeper bagged the number one spot?

Fernando Torres
Had Fernando Torres not found his calling as a striker, he'd probably have made a killing as a model. However, it'd be unfair to write him off as just another pretty face. After all, Fernando has a smokin' hot bod too.

Cesc Fabregas
Fabregas is an excellent footballer and that is the excuse your girlfriend will use as she watches his shirtless videos on repeat. Fabregas is what they call a finely sculpted specimen; plus, his name sounds like sex, so a bonus ten points for that.

Gerard Pique
Baby blue eyes. Sexy  beard. When Gerard Pique steps on the field, the female population of the world collectively sighs and wishes that they'd wake up one day as Shakira. Honestly, our fairy godmothers have some serious explaining to do.


Lionel Messi
A hot football players' list would be sadly incomplete without Messi and we won't pretend that his dimples weren't an influential factor. But adorable dimples and sexy brown locks apart, Messi also has a droolworthy body that makes you wish that going shirtless after every goal was mandatory.


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