Deepika’s lovely bunch of coconuts
Posted On 18th February, 2013 @ 14:42 pm by Sanat Mehra

If you are having a V Day hangover then we might have just found the perfect prescription to tackle the same.

“Here is some tender love and care for the only girl I am nuts about.”

A fan who did manage to get the attention of his valentine/star would be happy to know that his efforts shall be remembered. Take one look at Deepika Padukone and you wouldn’t blame this fan for making the choice of sending all his love to one of the most gorgeous actresses’ doorstep.

Ladies, you might just find it worth your while to picture a lonely day at home; you’ve played your cards well and are looking onward to the future that is busy preparing another challenge for you. Suddenly, you get a courier.  What could it be? The anxiety is bearing down on you; is this Future’s next challenge?

No, it’s a coconut; a coconut? Yes, a coconut with a heart-shaped chocolate inside the shell. You remember its Valentine’s Day, but who is the guy? The gesture puts a smile on your face after a lot of coaxing yourself, not to think about the guy who has been stalking you. However, soon another courier and another coconut; how long will this go on for? You guessed right; it went on fourteen times. Then a note (Not a Samsung Note) that reads: “Here is some tender love and care for the only girl I am nuts about.”

On the 14th of February, Deepika Padukone faced the same consequence; wonder how you might have taken it, but Miss. Padukone was certainly flattered. In a statement to the media, she said: “I am extremely touched by this gesture from my fan. His idea was so unique! He definitely made my Valentine's Day very memorable.”

Well, we are doing our own research about who this charming Valentine is, but do help us find out about his present whereabouts because one narayalwalla in Bombay has filed an FIR against an unknown offender who has stolen fourteen coconuts from his stall at Bhyander Station.


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