Poonam Pandey’s V-Day giveaway!
Posted On 18th February, 2013 @ 10:15 am by Hasina Khatib

The uncertainty of not getting wished on V-day is unnerving to the best of us, which is probably why Poonam Pandey can’t be blamed for announcing her bikini as a gift in exchange for a V-day message! Now all we can do is fervently pray that Sherlyn and Sunny aren’t listening!

Eager to start her Bollywood innings on an auspicious note, the 21 year old model has decided to indulge in some charity work.

With sincere apologies to Robert Frost, I begin: Two roads diverged in a wood, Poonam Pandey took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference…

Life ain’t easy for a struggling model, and to make it large you got to pick one of the two options: #1. Make Madhur Bhandarkar’s films your Bible and religiously follow all that his stories preach about what (not) to do to become famous. #2. Create a Twitter account, get cosy with your webcam and provide some alternate daytime entertainment to hordes of jobless people. Well, Poonam took the latter of the two options and the results are up for the Twitter world to see.

Some say that her fifteen minutes of fame have been well earned; the model has consistently worked to get where she is today, by promising to strip if India won the World Cup in 2009. Of course, when India actually won the Cup, she landed with a bit off egg on her face for failing to live up to her promise, but she later set things right by stripping for Sachin Tendulkar. And to be on the safe side, she did a bit of a striptease for Shah Rukh Khan too, when his team Kolkata Knight Riders lifted the trophy last season.

Well, just when we thought that she had found her calling in keeping her Twitter followers entertained, Poonam decided that her talents deserved to be exposed further than the confines of her Twitter followers, (pun honestly unintended) and decided to try her luck in tinsel town instead by signing up for a Bollywood film, Nasha. Eager to start her Bollywood innings on an auspicious note, the 21 year old model has decided to indulge in some charity work. And since donating money would have been too mainstream; Poonam decided to do justice to her reputation and announced that she was going to recycle her bikini from the shoot of Nasha.

And that was about all it took to snap the Twitter janta out of its mid -week stupor. Dates were postponed, urgent deadlines were abandoned, football matches were cast aside as the world jostled with its distant cousins to tell Poonam Pandey exactly what made them the most deserving candidate for her generous offering and got her trending for three days straight. Whether the bikini made its way to the winners or not, we are yet to know, but it looks like Sherlyn Chopra and Sunny Leone, who were hogging Twitter headlines for the past two weeks, just got cleanly wiped off the field!


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