Halloween: A lover's delight
Posted On 30th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by

Halloween is around the corner but what makes it even more ceremonial is when you put on your costume to give that lazy lover of yours a whip-smacking experience. So, here is some cool attire you can get into to make sure that happens.




Corpse’s Bride:

We all know what a Corpse’s bride looks like, but the question is how you can get that attire for yourself? Well, it is easy; use an old gown that you can put your scissors through, and make a hole either on the left or right side, just under the chest. Hey, the holes not for you to show your skin but to create an illusion of a protruding rib cage. Keep that simple, may be you can wear a black t-shirt underneath with the rib bones painted on it with white fabric colour. Yes! A whole lot of origami but the results will be fabulous.




We’ve all seen Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight Returns; however, getting a costume like that shouldn’t frighten you if you’re on a tight budget. After all, it’s the thought that matters. Right? All you have to do is get into a pair of black stockings, a pair of boots and keep the top simple; probably, a black sports bra and a black jacket to keep warm you until the heat sets in. Oops! We forgot the cat ears; a hair band with two leaf shaped black paper cuttings, should do the job.




You know we couldn’t have missed this one; the naughtiest of the lot has to be the nurse costume. Besides, it’s hardly a sweat to prepare it; a white skirt, probably, from your school days because the tight is right. Footwear is simple; white slip-ons would be apt and on top you could simply wear a white spaghetti top but do not forget the pony tails!




We’ll keep this one Indian, may be a take on Esha Gupta’s cop costume in “Chakravyuh”. If you want to try your hand at fashion designing, you should try this one out. I am sure you know the colours; so, buy some cloth and give your local tailor a real shock, but don’t you dare forget the danda.




If you are really lazy and will do anything to escape the adventure that comes with a bottle of glue, paints and scissors, then the Schoolgirl costume is just the right thing to do. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this.