Hollywood's 5 Friendliest Exes
Posted On 12th August, 2013 @ 13:24 pm by MTV Editor

"I hope we can still remain friends." Thought that line was just a cliché used to go easy on the person being ditched? Well then, these Hollywood ex-couples are here to make you eat your words.

In the last few years, things have gotten really great with us. We're very close and we're good friends, which is great because it's great for our kids."

Once the death knell has been rung on a relationship, girl code states that the ex in question has to be given a wide berth, if not altogether avoided. However, some of these celeb exes move on to become the best of pals, displaying a level of emotional maturity that showbiz is rarely associated with.

Jennifer Lopez - Marc Anthony
In an industry in which celebs get through engagements faster than changing clothes, the news of a celeb couple actually making it as far as the altar isn't common, that of a marriage that lasts seven years even more rare. Which is why, the news of Jennifer's split from husband Marc Anthony came as a shock. To everyone except the couple it seems, who remain as close as ever - The duo went on to film Q'Viva post breakup, a Latin American reality show, with a level of intimacy that could fool you into believing that the divorce never happened.

Denise Richards - Charlie Sheen
Given Charlie Sheen's track record, most didn't bat an eyelid when Bond girl Denise Richards announced that she was through with him and endured a nasty custody battle for the ensuing two years. However, jaws dropped, eyes popped and the earth skipped a rotation when she dubbed Charlie 'the greatest ex,' and readily admitted, "In the last few years, things have gotten really great with us. We're very close and we're good friends, which is great because it's great for our kids."

Ian Somerhalder - Nina Dobrev
We wonder if their decision to split up last May sounded plausible to them, because we still have bets on that the whole thing will turn to be one huge prank. Shooting the myth that exes can't be friends to pieces, Ian and Nina remain as joint at the hip as ever, as witnessed at the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con, which saw the two joking and laughing with an easy warmth - More proof, if needed, that penning scathing breakup songs isn't the only way to move on after a split.

Courteney Cox - David Arquette
Most took the news of Courteney's impending divorce to David Arquette as a sign that things were about to get awkward on the Scream 4 sets, however the couple turned heads by not letting tiny stuff like divorce papers get in the way of their friendship. Today, when asked about her ex hsuband, all Courteney has to say is, "He's my best friend in the world,' while David concurs, "I love her, too, and she's an amazing person – a beautiful person."

Ryan Phillippe - Reese Witherspoon
Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Phillippe's marriage to Reese Witherspoon might have ended on a sad note, but the couple have since flouted the norm by winding up the closest of friends; which we'll simply chalk up to the fact that it mustn't have been possible to get enough of the guy after just seven years - The fact that the duo are often spotted on double dates with their significant others giving the phrase 'no hard feelings' a whole new meaning.

Think that exes make for great friends minus the relationship baggage? Or that deleting is the best therapy when it comes to dealing with the fallout of a breakup? Let us know in the comments box!


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