Men you should never date!
Posted On 18th December, 2012 @ 13:53 pm by Urban Cupid

I have been getting complaints from readers, mostly men, saying that I have made it very difficult for them, when it comes to pleasing a woman by setting really high standards of romance.

Haven’t we all encountered men who prefer to cork a bottle with their teeth when, they have the option of using a bottle opener

Anyway, to the girls; you seem to have enjoyed the earlier remedies and the never to do things, here is another installment. This time it certainly isn’t all my blabber, but it’s all your choosiness that brings me back to write again.
Here is a list of 4 Men you should never date:

Dude, Have you seen my arms?: “I hate men who cannot stop praising themselves”, says Reema Kureshi. Hey Reema, I am totally on your side in this case; men who tap themselves on the back for everything can be a real turn-off. However, it is a trait with all men; they like a little competition in everything they do. May be, praising yourself boosts your self-confidence but here is the catch: In enjoying the little competition that life has to offer; men like to show off their girlfriends, but when their partners wear something a little showy; it becomes hard for them to digest.

Bottle Opener: Not too far behind, are the men who boast. Haven’t we all encountered men who prefer to cork a bottle with their teeth when, they have the option of using a bottle opener. That. Krutika Sharma tells us that she cannot stand her recent fling for his “idiotic” habit of bragging; poor girl, she says that she has to look down in shame, whenever her friend tries to brag his way through the Italian menu at a restaurant. Please, please, let go of him Krutika.

Pinocchio: “At our first date, my date asked me about my ex’s; though that is beside the point; he claims to have dated eight women before me. Do you think he is the right guy for me?” asks Juhi Shah. Oh! So, eight is the number in fashion these days. Dear Juhi, all you had to do was ask him to name all of them. Do that the next time you meet him and if he stumbles let him fall because while one lie gets people together, there is always another on in the pipe-line waiting to destroy it all.

Ironman: Finding out whether your man is possessive or too controlling, can easily be realized because of a few obvious symptoms. Lalita Kumar tells us that her boyfriend had driven her up the wall by treating her like a toy he picked off a shelf; she cannot meet her own friends without an argument with him. It’s ironic that after breaking up with him and moving in with another man, she still gets calls from her ex who pleads for another chance. What beats me is that he doesn’t have a problem with the fact that you are living with another man now; earlier it was difficult for you to hang out with your own friends.



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