Our Very Own F.R.I.E.N.D.S Moments
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We all do extremely silly things we wish we could undo. We all screw up, sometimes, horribly so. Who else to teach us that everything will be okay than our trusted Friends? Let's take a leaf from the books of one of the greatest TV series ever made!




Today, we’d like to applaud the goof ups, the blunders and the messes they created; no matter how badly they screw up, they pick themselves up with gusto and move on with life – reminding us that no matter how bad things seem, it ain’t the end! So have a look at our list of the best Friends’ episodes, where we commemorate some of their finer gaffes:


The One After Ross Says Rachel

Little slip-ups happen at weddings all the time. Although, we doubt taking the wrong name at the altar comes under the definition of ‘little slip-up.’ In Ross Geller’s case, it led to a full blown out catastrophe with Emily walking out on him. Taking Rachel along on their honeymoon didn’t help matters either.


The One Where Ross Got High

Rachel Green may have been the hottest waitress New York has ever seen, but she wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘bright.’ As amply proved in the episode where she attempts to make desert for an important Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, the cookbook pages get stuck together and she ends up making a trifle that’s half trifle, half shepherd’s pie. Yes, Rachel actually serves a trifle comprising of ladyfinger, jam, custard, raspberries, beef sautéed with peas and onions, bananas and whipped cream. Thank God for Joey and his glutton tendencies which save the day!


The One With Ross’ Teeth

Socially awkward as Chandler might be, even he can’t outdo Ross in the horrible date stakes. In order to prep himself up for his date, Ross goes a bit overboard whitening his teeth. And by overboard, we mean he colours his teeth to an in-your-face, blinding shade of white – the kind that detergent ads on the telly pride themselves on. Ross manages to save the date by barely saying a word and covering up his mouth while speaking. That is, until the end when his date, Hilary, sees his teeth glow neon white in the darkness. Sigh. Looks like Cupid is just not into Ross.


The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss

Even the smartest of us turn into nervous wrecks when it comes to job interviews. Which is why you can excuse Rachel for misinterpreting the interview’s politeness and kissing him. Except that she goes back the next day and tells him off for trying to make sexual advances onto her. Later on realizing her mistake, she goes back the third day and apologizes and all goes well. Until it is time for her to leave, Rachel innocently reaches out to shake his hand and ends up grabbing his crotch. Ouch!


The One Where Emma Cries

In all honesty, we all occasionally zone out during office meetings. Falling asleep during one is probably is a step too far, and sadly, Chandler ends up paying dearly for it. He dozes on and off during an important office meeting and accidentally ends up accepting to shift to Tulsa, Oklahoma. After getting pressure from Monica, he tries to wean himself free but screws it up by calling his boss by the wrong name, mistaking her daughter for her son and ends up saving face by telling that he’d love to go to Tulsa.


The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits

Popping the question is no easy task, and unfortunately for Mike, he messes it up not once, but three times before getting it right. He plans for an elaborate proposal during half time at an NY Knicks game jut to have Phoebe tell him that how cheesy she finds onscreen proposals. Later on, eh hides the ring in the cake just as Phoebe tells him how predictable it is. He finally pulls it out, cleans it and they get engaged on the fourth try. Ah well three botched proposals aren’t heartening for a guy’s ego but if he plans to marry Phoebe Buffay, he’d better get used to all the craziness!


While Friends was all about having a good time, the show occasionally touched upon issues in a more serious vein. Chandler and Monica’s desire for a child, for instance. Eager to impress the adoption agency, they select Joey to write a testimony for them. However, he sends it in handwritten which leads the agency to believe that a kid wrote it. Determined to get it right, Joey writes another letter, and enlists the help of a thesaurus to make it seem classy. The only glitch is that he ends up using the thesaurus on every single word. The letter turns from, “They are nice human beings with big hearts” to “They are pre-possessing humid sapiens with full sized aortic pumps!”


So the next time you mess up in front of scores of people, just lose yourself in an episode of Friends.  If Ross can take another girl’s name on the altar and survive, you definitely will!


Want to add an episode to this list? Let us know in the comments section!




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