Taylor Swift: From that to alot!
Posted On 18th January, 2013 @ 11:48 am by Sanat Mehra

What exactly did the ones sitting at home with their televisions tuned to the 39th Annual People's Choice Awards get for dinner: fillets or an eyeful of a little more than they bargained for?

"You can see the implants."

Actually, I’m not referring to food, but if you watched Taylor Swift catwalk her way on the red carpet you would wonder the same. Has the baby gone under the knife to enhance her assets?

When the foreign press went after this story they all dispersed like blindfolded athletes because they all arrived at different conclusions. Some say it is a part and parcel of stardom to bring oneself into the limelight with this sort of surgery and others said at least she hasn’t imitated Katie Price. Blimey! The country singer did spark a rumour that has been whispered numerously. I am sure that her plunging white dress will find a home in a framed cuboid in one of the museums or one of the Hard Rock Cafés. 

The 23-year-old singer hasn’t spoken yet; however, InTouch magazine claims that she had undergone the surgery back in April. Not only that, trust the foreign press to go to the limit to drill in their point of view; prominent plastic surgeon Dr Michael Fiorillo was asked to take a look at the pictures and pass a judgment. His answer: "You can see the implants."

Anyway, we’ll wait for her to sing the validity of this news to us at a later date. But, before we let go of her, here is a quick update on her whereabouts. Recently, she split from One Direction star Harry Styles; don’t know why, but probably he had a one track mind; she hosted the pre-Golden Globes event, which was fabulous. Now, she’s busied herself with the Red Tour, dedicated to the 2012 album by the same name, which begins in March.


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