The Best Female Superheroes!
Posted On 8th March, 2013 @ 13:18 pm by Suroshree Dasgupta

They’re strong, they’re fearless and they’re going strong in a world otherwise dominated by men. There are a fistful of absolutely badass women who have been kicking some serious butt, protecting mankind from the evils of the world for a long time now.

This women’s day, we’re counting down some of the best female superheroes of all time.

1.Wonder Woman:

A wartime creation still going strong, Wonder Woman has appeared in thousands of DC Comics since debuting in 1941. An Amazonian warrior who first dressed in a star-speckled skirt (later adopting hotpants), she wields a golden lasso and can deflect bullets with her wristbands. Unimpressed? That tiara on her head can be lobbed about as a weapon and she’s very strong. The hero was famously played by Lynda Carter in a 70s TV serial.


Created by comics legend Frank Miller, Elektra is an assassin who wears blood-red clothes, fights with a pair of lengthy ninja daggers, and moves faster than the eye can see. In short, a badass though ignore the 2005 spin-off film about her starring Jennifer Garner, which made the character seem about as interesting and threatening as a magician’s assistant. Technically though, she has no inhuman abilities but has developed precognition and other abilities through meditation. She is a skilled gymnast and martial artist.

3.Invisible Woman:

The Invisible Woman possesses the ability to become invisible at will, as well the ability to turn other people or objects invisible. She can also generate force fields and psionically create weapons to project at enemies. Like Ororo and most other superheroes, Sue Storm had a rough upbringing with her mother killed and her father in jail. Nonetheless, she became a member of the incredible Fantatastic 4.


By the way Superman has a cousin. She has the same powers, the same weaknesses, but she’s young, blonde and wears a skirt! A creaky introduction, yet Supergirl came to be well-loved. Comic-book publishers have long been brazen when it comes to cloning male heroes to create female counterparts. Super Girl has all the abilities of a Kryptonian; flight, super strength, super-speed, super-hearing, x-ray vision, heat vision and freeze breathe.

5.Black Widow:

Also known as Natasha Romanoff, she has an enhanced immune system and physical durability. She ages more slowly than ordinary humans and also sports two bracelets that discharge "widow's bite." She is also skilled in the use of handguns. Why she rocks? Well, Scarlett Johansson portrayed her in the movie Iron Man 2 and Avengers - 'nough said.


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