Top 5 songs for that perfect Women's Day!
Posted On 8th March, 2013 @ 14:05 pm by Bhargavi Swami

When you hear the blaring announcements on Radio, T.V. and every other form of interactive media, you know this day is big.

Women and art or artists have never been seen one without the other.

March 8th marks the day of the woman, celebrating their presence and existence in your life, at work, at home and just about everywhere. For lack of a better of word, the ‘fairer sex’makes up a little less than half of the population. With current situation it is likely that this number is either going to go further lower or turn the tables around and step up to take their rightful place in the world.

A woman has always been admired for her mind and body and the ability to multi-task that is so ingrained in her DNA that it’s hard to think of her otherwise. Woman of great beauty and charisma have played a muse to many celebrated artists across the world. Who can forget the effect of Marie Walter on Pablo Picasso’s works or Monet’s muse Camille or closer home Raja Ravi Verma’s muse Sugandha. Women and art or artists have never been seen one without the other.
Musicians across the world as well have always played a tribute to these exotic and exquisite beings in sorrow and in joy, Elton John’s dedication to Princess Diana, or the Indian rendition of defining her beauty in ‘Chandan sa badan’. Let’s face it some of the most extraordinary tracks in history have been for, by or about a woman. A quick rundown of my pick of the top five tracks to celebrate women.

Aretha Franklin’s ‘RESPECT’  - When this song released in 1967 from the album the R & B singer, it brought about a mini revolution in America and other parts of the world when a woman of colour, declared that she deserves ‘respect’ as she is perfect in every which way. This was a bold anthem for the times then and not much has changed since, many a protest and march on woman’s rights are chanting for respect!

Bryan Adams, ‘Have you ever really loved a woman’ – Most of us are by default Bryan Adam fans and when he comes up with a track that makes a woman go weak in her knees, you know he is nailed it! This track is as evergreen as the artist himself.

Various artists, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ - This is one hell of song that talks to women of all types and walks of life. Inspiring a whole generation of artists, the cover has been sung by Weather Girls, Lynn Anderson and more recently ‘Fergie’ in 2006.

Beyoncé, ‘All the Single Ladies’ – this track adds the fun element that women bring to any environment. This song was a big hit in the party circles and caught up as an anthem of sorts for all the young, independent, free-thinking and free-spirited women.

Bobby, ‘Main Shayar to nahin’ – This one is from a man’s perspective and with the plethora of Indian songs and lyrical ballads on the beauty, strength and perception of a woman, you can have a hundred songs pop in the mind. However this song of a man professing his love to the woman who has turned him around to be a poet, a friend, and a believer definitely puts the tracks from our country right up there to describe well a goddess, a friend for now let us just call her a ‘woman’.


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