URBAN CUPID: A Family Drama
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At times a relationship is not about being handled or handling just one person, but due to man's tendency to democratize; it often feels like there are too many people being part of your relationship, not leaving you alone, to fall and recover, at th


Nevertheless, we have learnt how to laugh at ourselves; because the media replays such intrusions, made into our personal lives, in the form of soaps and movies that make our daily diet of entertainment. So keeping that in mind, let us help solve the worries of today's wayward soul.




Asawari Tandon:

I am fed up of my boyfriend’s mother. When I talk to my boyfriend it seems, so often, that he is speaking on his mother’s behalf. We both love each other and I know he is in a difficult circumstance himself. But why does my boyfriend’s mom speak through her son to me?


Dear Asawari,

My gut feeling tells me your boyfriend’s mother is not at fault; in my opinion, she is just concerned for both of you, but does not want to show her concern at the cost of your relationship. Such a situation usually arises when you begin dating without breaking the ice with your boyfriend’s family. Obviously your boyfriend loves you, and he is only occupied with thoughts of you, which makes his mother feel sidelined; all mothers are like that, you can’t help it but you can shelf it. The best way to shelf her attitude, would be to go and meet her; and though, both of you already have a common recipient of affection; there will be many other things you may find in common. I can assure you; once you have broken the ice, your boyfriend will, automatically, stop being a record player to his mother’s tattle. However, if you don’t get along with her; you will have to be patient with your boyfriend because he has a foot stuck in both worlds; and trust me he is not at fault, but is waiting for one of you to stop.




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