URBAN CUPID: Find a way back into Love
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Have you and your love interest been a hard place lately? Do you want to get away and feel the romance of the Yash Chopra variety? It's never too late for love. Here are a few places that are sure to rekindle the love, lust and everything in between.



A holiday is ideal refreshment for your relationship; all relationships have their fair share of happiness, glumness, too much mushiness and please leave your highness etc, but while it is human to fight, it is also human to patch up. However, sometimes you need to just get away. Here are some of the best places to escape to:




Please tell me, you knew this was coming. Goa always crosses the mind, when all you want is to escape from the savagery of deadlines and be a part of a civilization that wants to sleep in the sun and party under the moon. Goa inspires you to be aimless; when you’re aimless the advantages are that you are not going to be in the mood to fight, and when fighting is not on the agenda the sky’s the limit.



Here’s a place like Goa that is very beautiful; nevertheless, the reason for suggesting this location is because it presents a very different kind of healing. The hilly slopes, the tea gardens, the beautifully infused flowers paint a picture of the perfect place. In away, giving the both of you as a couple, something to strive for.



Another plus point about the hill stations are that when dusk approaches and it begins to get cold; it becomes difficult not to initiate a bear-hug for the sake of warmth. Other than that, Shimla also presents a simplicity that is gold in the eyes of a city dweller; rustic villages, gorges and coniferous vegetation standing in attention.



What can you expect from a place that is called “God’s own Country”? It has the perfect mix of art, culture, nature and lots of scope for meditation. The journey on the house boat is the highlight; once you get off the boat you realize that what you just covered was a maze of beauty. Certainly, this maze of beauty is worth getting lost in.



If you’re a couple that is more adventurous than some who choose to enjoy a new destination from their hotel window, then Manali is the place for you. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy camping, trekking and water sports. Although, the lazy ones shouldn’t turn down this destination because there are some beautiful temples and monasteries; besides, the natural beauty is overwhelming.



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