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There are several things that mere mortals, like us, were never meant to understand; Happiness, Love, Longing and Despair being prime examples. We were never meant to understand the complex inner workings for the human mind; we were just given free reign


The primary reason we weren’t programmed to understand these abstract entities was because, A, they are abstract, and B, they are so open to interpretation that we have the liberty of making our own little Lego moulds of what we want them to be. Thus, making our lives a little less compartmentalized.


In relationships, the vast expanse of interpretation of these factorials makes those invested feel at odds, sometimes, constantly. It’s often been said that men and women are from different planets, I wonder if that’s a cliché we developed to pacify our restless selves, what we were, in fact, from the same zip code? Do we just refuse to accept the possibility that our take on white picket fences and colored sunsets can be anything but carbon copies of one another? If not, why are we so fixated on compartmentalizing peers, partners and everyone in between? Why can’t we just be honest about the disparity in the sizes of our individual compartments? 


There have been several love sick souls who have written in, to seek my counsel and here’s what I have to say.


Dear Urban Cupid

I am a 19 year old girl and I’m studying in college. I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for the past five months, over the past two weeks I feel like he has changed. He does not like being around me, he does not call me like he used to. He used to message me all the time when he was at work but now he doesn’t reply to any of my messages. Am I being insecure or is he cheating on me?

Troubled and scared,

- Ankita.


Dear Ankita,

Urban Cupid – Relationships aren’t easy, one has to work towards making them a success. If you truly believe that he isn’t being fair to you, you should speak to him and voice your concerns. It is always advisable, if based on suspicion, to give your partner the benefit of doubt. I would advise you to be optimistic and work at it.


Cupid’s alter - I think five months is too short a time for you to gauge someone’s habits accurately. Maybe your boyfriend is tied up with work and requires space. You are being rather immature about his behavior and work related engagements, don’t you have anything productive to do. If you still feel like he is ignoring you and doesn’t wish to be with you, get a move and find another love sick puppy like you.  


Love isn’t an easy obstacle to conquer; a little help never went awry. All you love sick people out there, keep writing in to Urban Cupid – for some tough love and the right kind too.


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