URBAN CUPID: Friend, Foe or Lover?
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A friend in need is?



We have been socially conditioned to value friendship and rightly so. We love the members of our family essentially because we are born into affection and unconditional attention; we pick our extended family from within our social circle. Friends are such an integral part of our existence, they hold our hand in times of need and are just a moment’s wait away even when we feel the need for solitude. My belief in friendship stems from the fact that I have made a few choice friends who are a part of my family; we may not be connected by blood but we, definitely, are soul mates.


Dear Urban Cupid,

My best friend is dating one of our common friends. She has been dating him for about six months but they have had a rocky start. They fight all the time and she is pretty unhappy. The problem is that I have been in love with her for the past three years, in fact, I think I have been in love with her since the first time we met. I really care about her but I can’t seem to ignore my feelings for her; I only want the best for her. I can’t bear to see her hurt; I want to be the one to take care of her. What should I do?


Yours Truly,



Dear Sameet,

Good friends are really hard to come by and I’m sure you are a great friend to this girl. I understand that you don’t want to want to see her hurt and want to be solely responsible for her happiness but the fact remains that she is currently in a relationship, unhappy or otherwise. She is going through a rough patch and in case you decide to tell her how you feel, it might leave her feeling confused. I’m sure she counts on you as a friend. So right now, you need to be just that, a great friend. Talk her through her problems and be there for her when she needs you. As for your feelings for her, let time do the talking. Once she is in a better place or out of a relationship, if she feels the same way about you rest assured that she will tell you.




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