URBAN CUPID: How comfortable is too comfortable?
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What would you rather have; a heartbreak or a heart attack? I am here to ensure that you have neither, write in to me with your woes and I'll try my best to make your life simpler so you can go back to wearing those rose tinted glasses.


Today, as any other day, the question has been at its boggling best, but with a little patience and love for you all, they have all been answered. 


Rukmani Parihar:

I have been in a relationship for 3 years with this guy, who is my life. Rahul is a very sweet fellow, always thinking twice before taking in step in the relationship. He is a family oriented guy, who has told me often that he can give up anything for me. However, there is a problem; he is the kind of person who is so homebound and lazy that he does not want to leave his house at all. I am not living with him or anything, but I want a little spice. The bad thing is that even I have become lazy. I mean by no means do I want a split, I just want some spice.



Dear Rukmani,

                                 Try to tick off some of the common symptoms; every time your boyfriend comes in front of you, you tend to be critical; a long kiss seems like a seconds peck; lately, you have begun to walk 20 inches in front of him when you are strolling together; you do all these things to awaken him from his slumber; and as soon as you get his attention, your back to being the innocent darling that you are. Unfortunately; by doing what you do, you have transferred your anxiety to him. It is time to wake up, Rukmani; your boyfriend has just begun to feel very comfortable when he is around you, which is not a bad sign. So, just start responding to that comfort with some uncomfortably cheesy moves; and you will be back on track.




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