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Skin to bone/Steel to rust, Ash to ashes/Dust to dust, Your deception/My Disgust, When your name is finally drawn, I'll be happy that you're gone, Ash to Ashes Dust to Dust...


We have all had this feeling, somewhere deep down in our hearts, as we have been walked out upon by the ones we have loved. Yet, we never learn, we never stop, we always fall in love all over again. Hoping that, someday, it will be different and this will be different. It does start with that feeling but not too often has that feeling lasted too long and the tides turn on you; the one that helped you float starts to make you sink. Is this what relationships are? A ship that can’t sail forever? While some who have sunk enough times, only to be washed to the shore floating on alcohol bottles will agree, there are many who will love to disagree.


This is for them. Open your eyes and look around, nothing is permanent. Times have changed, marriages don’t last forever, and your pet dog isn’t there with you now either. The grandparents that you had by your side as you grew up are now alone or have long left you behind. This is Real life and the world that we are in now today; expecting anything to last forever is like begging to be made a fool of. Your very parents who have brought you up are one day going to leave you and go, maybe not out of their free will but out of nature’s will. I don’t use the term god here because, remember this God doesn’t exist; he is only an entity to tell your conscience to slow down when you are being reckless with your life. 


After all, bonds that are sown from the time you were in the womb that can’t last forever, how can you expect a person, you met only a few weeks back, to hold your hand into forever land? Promises are made, but they are made only to be broken, just like breaking promises is a rule imbibed in the human DNA. Look back, and remember all the promises you broke, some intentionally while some unintentionally. Relationships are no different. They are promises waiting to break. More so, today...Life is fast, there is no stopping it, if you aren’t around, expect to be forgotten and if you are always around, prepare to be called POSSESSIVE, INSECURE and other terms that won’t let you be at peace with yourself. So what does one do at such times, NOTHING! Either continue to believe in those promises and expect the world only to be found on the shore pretending to be happy that it’s Ash to Dust or be the one that knows what comes ahead and don’t expect, but be ready with a life jacket to swim ashore on your own accord. The call is yours!


Who am I? I am just someone, who has been washed to the shore one too many times and hardened to the core; to know what begins has to end. And LOVE? It’s a temporary feeling of happiness, Enjoy it while it lasts but don’t expect a forever. Take the Plunge…But be prepared to take the impact when you hit Ground ZERO! I am your Alter Ego that you never listen to but you know is there deep down within you. Go on, ask me what you wish & I will tell you answers you already know but won’t acknowledge…


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