URBAN CUPID: The Mantra for a Perfect Date!
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The first date is always a tricky situation. Making that first impression causes many young lads to hyperventilate. So we've decided to put together a few tips that will help you sail through! Read on to know more:




The Beatles were a band that discoursed on love through their music; so, what better way for us to share the love with you with the help of some unforgettable numbers that with simple lyrics mend complex anxieties.



Can’t Buy Me Love:

Tanvir tells us that he prefers splitting the bill at dining occasions; which doesn’t hurt anybody. Like Ayesha says, “It makes me shudder to think that I am being led into the arms of one who needs to pay for my company”. Love is so much more natural once you slash out the commercials; all you need is a means of sustaining an interesting conversation. With food in your mouth or with your eyes hooked to the screen in a movie hall, there is no way you can keep a wonderful conversation going. It would be best to be in the company of your loved one in an environment that inspires conversation, and be assured you wouldn’t need much money to that.



Tomorrow Never Knows:

Don’t approach your date with pre-conceived notions; don’t begin to plan out the outing because you aren’t a soothsayer. Mistakes happen with all of us but if you try to predict them, you will certainly be surprised by the end of it, because there is more  fun in recovering from your mistakes in the most adventurous manner; after all, then it becomes an experience that will stay with you forever. However, please plan to meet at the same place and at the same time.




You may be able to find love but never be able to find that one reason as to why you fell in love in the first place. In conversing with the one you love, on a date, the one conversation that can take you a long way is if the both of you begin to start answering that question. What attracts you to each other? The answer is “Something” but that something can get you two entangled for a longtime.



Strawberry Fields forever:

Never promise anything that present has not foretold, your date may not be yours forever but she is with you now. Tell her that there will be “Strawberry Fields Forever” even if neither of you can keep that promise, because you can only push life into momentum by facing the entirety of it in moments.



I Want to Hold Your Hand:

We haven’t spoken about sex yet; sex on your first date, let’s just say it creates more doubt than passion. When you walk into a relationship just to step out of your pants in the end, you haven’t really achieved much. It’s like trying to light a candle in the rain; of course, if both of you are in it for the latter it doesn’t matter. However, why would you make the other person arrive at the conclusion that you were up to it with someone else the night before. Why not just hold hands and avoid the glands.



Nothing said here works well without your thoughtful presence in the situation. So, please do listen to the above mentioned songs for some therapeutic listening. 




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