Yo Yo Honey Singh: A Married Man?
Posted On 4th July, 2013 @ 11:22 am by mtv editor

Don’t be surprised if Yo Yo Honey Singh is left out of the next eligible bachelor count; buzz has it that the rapper has got a huge secret up his sleeve, one that might just ring the death knell on the hopes of the female half of his fan following.

When he isn't busting Youtube records, he is busy sweeping away accolades at award shows. In fact, in the one year that Yo Yo Honey Singh has spent in Bollywood, there isn't much that he hasn't done; and now we have the biggest feat of them all to add to the list: If the photos doing the rounds online are any indication, the Punjabi rapper's relationship status clocks in at a stable 'married,' a fact that he managed to keep under wraps for the better part of the last two years!

A mean feat in itself, given that when it comes to the private lives of celebs, there is precious little that goes on without the knowledge of the omnipresent gossip mills. That Ranbir secreted Katrina away for a cozy holiday is common news and Deepika's secret nightout with Ranveer Singh isn't so secret anymore. However, a series of photos released online have revealed that the Angreji Beat singer managed to keep the masses at large in the dark about his marital status, much to the dismay of his female fan following.

A series of photos depicting Honey Singh at a wedding ceremony have been released online, and while the identity of the girl in question is unknown, a helpful photographer stepped forward to spill the beans on the ceremony. "I was the official photographer at Honey Singh's wedding ceremony, which took place on January 23, 2011 at a farmhouse on the otuskirts of Delhi. There were Sikh rituals in the morning at a Gurudwara in Sarojini Nagar," conceded Delhi-based photographer Vinod Kumar in an interview with a leading daily, before producing pictures from the actual function.

However, nothing in the rapper's life is ever clear cut, and this case has taken a turn for the mysterious, with Yo Yo Honey Singh staunchly refuting all claims of being married, secretly or otherwise. In a interview with Hindustan Times, the 29 year old rapper categorically stated, "I may have a lot of girlfriends, but I am not at all married," and went on to brush off the photos pointing to the contrary as, "Those wedding pictures on the net are not true, they are from a shoot that I had done."

His words will no doubt provide a spat of relief to his female admirers at having his bachelor status reinstated, but if you ask us, this case just got a whole lot curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would have put it.


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