To her own tune
Posted On 17th September, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

We applaud Priyanka Chopra for her latest release of the much awaited song, In My City featuring



The inspiration for this song, as she claims, is from her childhood; being an army-child, she has travelled around the country and so, she says: “In My City is very close to my heart. It celebrates the contribution of all these cities to my life making me the nomad that I am.”



In fact, she was living as a nomad during the making of this album. According to sources, she was harrowed shuttling between India and the US. Recently, a short clip has been uploaded on YouTube that gives you an idea of what she’s been up to besides shooting for Barfi!



It’s barely a one and a half minute clip but you’ll realize that it’s enough for the directors to convince you of something eclectic. The clip begins with Priyanka telling us how nervous she was; it almost seemed like she was on her way to a concert at a United Nations Conference. Besides, she puts on an accent that sounds conjured which incidentally, also made us cringe.


Anyway, hats off to Priyanka Chopra for ensuring that the song was launched in India before it could be launched on the American channel. We don’t know how great that is for us but we certify it as a super gesture nonetheless.  


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